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In the beginning of this month I had the pleasure of once again travelling to beautiful Prague in the Czech Republic for an Advanced DNS Course called “Latest concepts in DNS and Skills Review”.

Topics covered in the course were:

  • Functional assessment and treatment of vertigo and balance disturbances.
  • Viscero-Vertebral patterns (separate blog about GORD treatment to follow)
  • The importance of eccentric contraction for stabilization
  • Orthopaedic evaluations of hip and spinal conditions
  • DNS assessment and treatment of babies with central coordination disturbance
  • Functional assessment and treatment of neurological conditions like stroke, myopathy & Parkinson’s

The group also got to spend a full day at Pavel Kolar’s new amazing Rehabilitation Centre, where the program concentrated on DNS strategies for Performance enhancement of athletes, and DNS principles for resistance exercises. The Centre is equipped with “David” machines which offer great possibilities for adjusting vectors, range of movement and resistance to specifically suit each person.  An individual’s range of movement and strength can also be accurately measured and displayed for immediate feed-back and evaluation.

Follow the link to Pavel’s Rehab centre - Centrum Pohybove’ Mediciny

Or read the PDF

In addition to the comprehensive “David” range of equipment, the centre harbours a 3D core-strengthening device called the “Space Curl”. The movement in the machine is controlled by the activity of the muscles of the participant’s midsection and provides a great core workout.

My session in the space-curl was filmed and can be found following this link:
Youtube - Hans on space curl

As always I enjoyed the course and am really looking forward to the next time I can join Pavel and his DNS team at these fabulous facilities.

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