Hans Lindgren DC

 The Functional approach to training and rehabilitation.

My aim is to provide evidence based information on how to incorporate functional stabilization and movement patterns into training and rehabilitation regimes.

Properly implemented structured resistance training encompasses the entire spectrum from early rehabilitation through to high-level sports performance training. The principles are basically the same whether injuries are being rehabilitated or maximum strength and power in an athlete is to be achieved. The individual’s stabilization patterns determine what level of training can be performed-no exercise should ever exceed the individual’s ability to properly stabilize the movement.

People have to get away from the general belief that certain exercises are functional. There are no functional exercises - only functional people with proper stabilization and good movement patterns.

Prior to participation in any form of exercise, the individual’s stabilization and movement patterns should be properly evaluated, and when necessary be activated and corrected.

One function of this website is to present detailed practical information regarding weight training, which will gradually develop into a comprehensive gym-training resource manual for trainers and coaches. A large amount of the content will be made available for general view on this site to receive comments and suggestions while the work is in progress.

My view on weight training can be summarized in one single phrase:

Form is not important, it is everything!

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