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A good friend of mine has just finished his Chiropractic degree and asked me for advice about direction and path choices when it comes to further education.

When reflecting on this, I decided to share my thoughts with other Chiropractors in the same situation.

My first suggestion is MPI – Motion Palpation Institute.

1-MPI- Motion Palpation Institute

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I was very lucky to study for my Chiropractic degree at AECC (Anglo-European College of Chiropractic) in the early eighties. MPI was a core subject taught from the very first year by our excellent instructor, Dr Michael Copland-Griffiths. During that same time Dr Len Faye was very active teaching at AECC and had a great influence on the practical curriculum and on my own methods of practicing Chiropractic. Dr Faye started the MPI in 1981 and after introducing the concept to AECC he took it to the USA.

Dr Leonard FayeDr Faye’s mission was to create a paradigm shift from the static Chiropractic model to a functional chiropractic model.

Our education at AECC was predominately based around motion palpation as well as Diversified Chiropractic adjustment techniques, which go hand in hand.

I think it is important that new graduates in our profession, as well as already seasoned practitioners, place a great part of their professional preparation on developing good motion palpation and adjustment skills. Good motion palpation assessment and adjustment skills are what makes our profession unique and so very effective. We are resting on the shoulders of many important Chiropractors who made our profession into an accepted and respected entity, despite all the resistance they would have encountered.

Being a Chiropractor involves being able to deliver signature chiropractic adjustment, which also can be described as a highly-leveraged dose of proprioception to embrace the neurological model of Chiropractic.

I can understand that some Chiropractors choose to use activators and drop-piece tables but that should be by choice, not because it is the only option available in their repertoire.

Being able to deliver good Chiropractic adjustments is an art form, it is a skill which requires a lot of practice.    

I would recommend any of my colleagues to look into Dr Len Faye’s “Chiropractic Mentor” program.

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I subscribed to the program out of respect for the founder, and still got some very good pointers even though I have been using it since 1984. 

I would also recommend every chiropractor to read Dr Faye’s book “Chiropractic Odyssey” , which I found fascinating and very educational.

Chiropractic Oddysey I am bringing Dr Brett Winchester from the Motion Palpation Institute to Australia for two spinal seminars in October 2024 . These will be courses not to be missed by any Chiropractor who want to be the best professional that they can be. 

Brett Winchester 1

Dr Brett Winchester DC

I really like these strong statements from the MPI:

"The mission, however, remains the same, to deliver hands-on classes that will help you become clinically excellent, science-based, and highly competent with your assessment, palpation, and adjusting skills".

"It is the mission of MPI to help you become the best palpator and adjustor on the planet".

"We do not promise easy, but we do promise we will fill our classes with the highest levels of hands-on clinical training that you will find". 


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