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Boot-Camp Lecture

Posted by By Hans Lindgren DC on 23 July 2011 | 0 Comments
We held a lecture for a group of personal trainer/boot camp members at Good-Life Alexandra Hills today. It was a great group to work with since most of them were experienced trainers and were keen to learn new things. the full post

What is wrong with isolated exercises?

Posted by Hans Lindgren on 12 July 2011 | 0 Comments
There has been a lot of criticism against the traditional body-building type of training lately and as a result of that the “functional training” concept has emerged. Don’t get me wrong I am not going to claim that isolated muscle training is in any way superior to “functional” type of training. My aim is to show that training with muscle isolation is not as bad as it has been accused of being. “Train movement not muscles” is a phrase that has been frequently used. First of all we cannot train a muscle without a movement unless we perform isometric exercises. Instead of regarding it as isolated muscles let us call it isolated joint movement. Secondly to achieve isolation there has to be……Stabilization! the full post

Introducing the Biceps-plank

Posted by Hans Lindgren on 12 July 2011 | 0 Comments
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A frequently used core stabilization exercise is the Plank-exercise. If you haven’t been exposed to it previously I will give a short description: The individual is supposed to lie on the floor face down supporting the body on the elbows and toes. Tensing the abdominal wall to keep the body straight like a plank is said to strengthen the core and there has even evolved a core stabilization test out of this exercise. The test a timed challenge where the ability to remain in this position for a certain period of time is used to evaluate core-strength. One method of evaluating the plank test is a straight time trial in stationary plank position. Another version of testing includes the lifting and holding of limbs for certain periods of time in a specific pattern. Both these testing methods are using quantitative measurements to evaluate core strength. There is never any mentioning of proper joint position, neutral spine, good stabilization patterns and evaluation of breathing. Of course it will exercise the abdominal wall but I do not consider it to be a good core-exercise. the full post

Flexion exercises

Posted by Hans Lindgren on 5 July 2011 | 0 Comments
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This is not going to be yet another repetition of the general consensus on flexion exercises within the strength and fitness industry. Many people have turned their backs on flexion exercises because they believe it will harm the discs in the lumbar spine.

"I am not disputing previous research I am only stating that I am not convinced by the conclusions." the full post