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Posted by By Hans Lindgren DC on 26 July 2011 | 1 Comments


We finished a three part course for personal trainers at Good-Life Alexandra Hills today

The Course outline was:

  • Assessments and Tests for basic functional movement and stabilization patterns.
  • Activation of proper diaphragm breathing and core stabilization.  
  • Functional positioning with joint centration and stabilization.
  • We added it all together into the “Active stance” (core stabilization while maintaining breathing and joint centration with proper stabilization.)
  • Lower body exercises- positioning and activation of good stabilization patterns.
  • Upper body exercises- positioning and activation of good stabilization patterns.

The trainers got to assess and instruct each other in core activation, positioning and stabilization.  We also covered and practised key-points in proper execution of many fundamental gym exercises.

The aim with this course was to provide the trainers with:

  • Tools to better assess functional movement and stabilization patterns in their clients.
  • A better understanding and analysis of the risks involved in different exercises based on the individual’s ability to stabilize movements.
  • Improved ability to choose suitable exercises based upon assessments and testing.
  • Greater knowledge of functional joint positions and stabilization patterns in exercises.
  • Instruction cues to activate proper stabilization patterns in different exercises.
  • Ability to break exercises down to achieve activation of specific stabilization patterns.

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  • WOW! Wish I had you when I did my courses at the start of my career! I hope everyone appreciated how significant Instructional Skills were coming from you, Hans.

    Posted by Dr Gregory S Blackley PhD (Level3 S&C), 20/08/2011 5:48pm (13 years ago)

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