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During my visit to San Diego, California, I was able to catch up with Michael Rintala, a fellow Chiropractor and DNS practitioner. I spent some time at the Function Smart Centre with both Michael and Chris Hebeler, a DNS trained Physical Therapist.


It is always great to see how practitioners from different disciplines share the same vision and work together for the benefit of their patients/athletes.

As I have previously pointed out in my blog “New Exciting Group Emerging” there is no difference in an individual’s ideal movement and stabilization pattern whether being treated by a Chiropractor or a Physical Therapist (Physiotherapist). All practitioners who practice with a functional approach where restoring the individual’s ideal movement patterns is the goal, can easily cross-refer patients in between each other and thereby benefit from each other’s specific skills and experience.

DNS is one of these universal systems which extend far beyond the borders of professions. In DNS the examination, treatment and result are the same regardless of the practitioner’s title. The ideal stabilization patterns are hardwired in most individuals and are the same regardless if there is a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Medical Doctor treating the person.

Ideal movement and stabilization patterns should be taught on a much wider scale, and should be assessed from a very early age. Any practitioner involved in examining and treating babies/children should be familiar with most crucial developmental milestones and the resulting ideal patterns. An early detection of non-ideal stabilization patterns allows for corrective measures to be put in place, while there is still a good chance of full recovery.

In an ideal situation parents, teachers, coaches, trainers, as well as all practitioners would have good knowledge of what manifests ideal stabilization patterns.

The DNS program now also includes a series of exercise courses (1-3), where health, fitness and sports professionals are trained in the application of the DNS assessment and exercise principles in common sports injuries, pain syndromes and within various sports and exercise training methods.  Once they have passed the practical testing associated with their training, and demonstrated competence, knowledge and satisfactory skills execution they earn the title DNSET (Certified DNS Exercises Trainer).

The education of trainers in the DNS exercise methods allows for another group, competent in assessing and facilitating ideal movement patterns, to be included into the equation. 

This allows for referral between the practitioners and trainers in both directions. The treating Dr, Chiropractor, or Physiotherapist can with confidence hand individual over into the trainers care. Trainers are aware of the detrimental effect faulty movement patterns have on an individual’s performance and ability to remain injury free. The trainers have also got a completely new set of tricks to facilitate the ideal patterns and failing to achieve that they know when to refer them to the treating practitioners.

Communication between treating practitioners and trainers is greatly improved since all parts are assessing and facilitating the same ideal movement and stabilization patterns.

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