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BCP Australia 3

The Back Care Program has been launched and the first lecture/workshop was successfully held in July at Goodlife Alexandra Hills.

The next step in the program has been to incorporate on-line education, so the videos of Back care Program 1 have now been posted on Youtube.

 The idea behind providing free short on-line courses is to make the time-consuming education/explanation available for all individuals to watch and learn at home at their own pace. The online video material consists of lectures explaining the concept, along with exercise instructions which allow the individuals to get familiar with the exercises prior to seeing a DNS-trained professional for assistance.

The viewers are encouraged to seek help with the exercises to ensure that they are performed correctly.

To facilitate the transition from home education to supervised exercise performance, a list of DNS trained Practitioners and Exercise professionals will be made available for the General Public.  We are therefore now looking for DNS trained professionals who would like to be listed as DNS trained and participate in this next crucial step of the Back Care Program. There is no cost involved in the listing and there will be no distribution of the information provided to any third party.

Anyone with at least one DNS course, being either a DNS Exercise course (1-3) or a DNS clinical course (A-D) can participate as a supervisor in the program.

The often time consuming education/explanation step will to a large extent have been covered, and people should show up for exercise supervision with basic knowledge and motivation.

 BCP 4 Circles


The Back Care Program List

To be included and your name posted on the list of DNS trained professionals who are trained to facilitate and correct people’s exercise routines, we need you to contact us and let us know what information you would like to have posted eg:



DNS courses taken- level: when and where

Contact details – address- phone – email and website

Also let us know if you are running any DNS group classes which we are happy to promote

Again, there is no cost involved in the listing and you can put as much or as little information up as you like.

Email your notice of interest with the contact information to:

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