Text Neck Solution 1- Relief positions

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As so many people nowadays are spending such a large amount of time looking at the screens of mobile phones and tablets there are also alarms emerging regarding the negative effect it is having on posture. The head hanging forward phenomenon has even got its own name called the “Text Neck”.

The following is an answer to the problem, which incorporates positions from the DNS concept to combat the massive problem of Text Necks.

text neck1

Text neck - Bad posture

Text neck2

Text Neck- Worse posture

Most often the recommended solution is to simply lift the device to eye level, but the problem with that is the downward force that gravity inflicts on the arms.

Text neck3aTo combat gravity’s downward effect on the arms, the shoulders are often lifted into a shrugging position, which is actually as bad as having the head hanging forward. When lifting the arms, the shoulder-blades have to remain in their ideal position which is in a slightly lowered position, wide apart, and parallel to the spine. The arms should be elevated in the shoulder joint, and not the shoulders elevated.

Text neck4b1

Is there another solution?

By utilizing slightly modified developmental positions from the DNS program, we can spend time on the devices with less loading of the neck and shoulders. 

Text neck5


We can practise lifting the arms without shrugging the shoulders in this position as well.

Text neck5b

Laying on the back will take most of the gravitational strain away from the neck and shoulders.

Text neck6

The DNS 4.5months position with leg support is a nice relaxing position.

Text neck7The unsupported version of the position looks like this.

Text neck8By adding a proper breathing pattern to this position, we have reached an entry level core stabilization exercise (Dying bug position). Practising breathing with good diaphragm activity as well as using the breathing pattern to create a stabilizing intra-abdominal pressure is very beneficial in this position. See similarities with this illustration of the Dying bug exercise.

dying bug2 copy

Another solution is laying on the stomach. The position of the shoulder-blades is crucial in this position as well.  The lumbar spine has a tendency to be curved forward in this position, but this can be counteracted by incorporating proper breathing to stabilize the lumbar spine from the inside out.

Text neck9A very nice and relaxing position for the spine is created by pushing back on to the heels while keeping support on the elbows. A proper breathing pattern makes this position much more relaxing and yet very effective.

Text neck10x

The next segment of the “Text Neck” series will show how to perform functional exercises while using the device. 

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